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Roofing Restoration

Slating & Restoration

HP Roofing have almost 50 years experience in roofing projects aorund Dublin and Ireland. We specialise in slating and restoration work on existing roofs. We are experts in Blue Bangor Slating among many other types of slate. Certain buildings may be entitled to governement grants. Contact Us today for more information.

Torch On Felt Dublin


At HP Roofing, we provide watertight flat roofing solutions, utilising torch on felt and asphalt based systems. High Performance Roofing ltd are an approved contractor for Pluvitec, Index, Paralon and Ruberoid torch on roofing systems, Using any of the product listed above you will gain a guarantee from both manufacturer and High Performance Roofing ltd, up to 25 years. Our flat roofs ensure protection against water pooling any other leaks which occur in flat roofs as we use the best materials and practices. Contact Us today for more information.

Fibreglass Roofing

Fibreglass Roofing

Fibreglass roofs are durable, watertight, long lasting flat roofing systems. HP Roofing are leading fibreglass roofing contractors. Fibreglass is extremely long lasting with a lifespan of 30-50 years. Fibreglass roofs can be insulated before the fibreglass is installed and fibreglass roofs can withstand heavy objects placed on top of them. Our work is fully guaranteed. Contact Us today for more information.

PVC Roofing Membranes

Alkor/Trocol/Sarnavil PVC Roofing Membranes

High Performance Roofing are proud to be official contractors for Alkor, Trocol and Sarnavil in the Irish Market Place. PVC Roofs are durable, flame resistent, flexible and environmentally friendly. They are also very reflective reducing air conditioning bills and enjoy a long lifespan. PVC Membranes are easy to install, look great and provide a long lasting protection for your roof.Contact Us today to discuss your needs.

Asbestos Removal Dublin

Asbestos Removal

High Performance Roofing are one of Irelands leading asbestos removal contractors. We take care to carry out all commercial and residential contracts strictly in accordance with current HSA regulations. Our fully trained team are medically tested.We guarantee total customer satisfaction and safety. Did you know Asbestos can be found in the most unlikely places. In roof sheeting, slates, guttering and pipes In patrician lining, boiler house lining and in pipe insultation In sprayed ceiling insulation Contact Us today to discuss your needs.

Roofing Insulation

Roof or Ceiling Insulation

Any materials (suggested below) that when placed between the interior surface of the building and the exterior surface of the building, reduces the rate of heat loss to the environment or heat gain from the environment. Roof or ceiling insulation refers to insulation placed in the roof or ceiling of the top occupied floor in the building Polycomp, Para-Torch insulation for Flat roofing (Torch on felt) Extra-Term, Foil back for flat roofing also (PVC and Torch On Felt) Kingspan, as above Rock wool insulation between rafters mainly for slating projects

Green Roofing Dublin

Green Roofing Systems

A green roof is a conventional roof that is covered with a layer of vegetation. There are two types of green roofs: intensive roofs, which are thicker and can support a wider variety of plants but are heavier and require more maintenance, and extensive roofs, which are covered in a light layer of vegetation and are lighter than an intensive green roof. Important factors to consider when building a green roof are the drainage system, sun and wind exposure, and the types of plants for your climate, which can be recommended by a HP Roofing Representative.

Metal Roofing Dublin

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing provides a great alternative to traditional roofing methods. We off extensive Metal Roofing services including zinc, copper and metal standing seam and snaplock roofing. Metal Roofs are extremely durable and have many applications. Visit our Metal Roofing Website to find out more about the metal roofing services we offer.

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