Alkor Metal – Effective & Durable Roofing Solution

HP Roofing is proud to be associated with Alkorplan as an Alkor metal fabricator for many years and to be one of its approved contractors. Being commercial roofing professionals of Ireland, we aim to provide premium quality solutions to our customers. 

Alkor Metal is renowned to be effective and quick in roofing methods due to its strength and waterproofing qualities. They are easy to install and also provide an aesthetic finish to all types of roofs in Dublin.

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Alkor Metal consists of a thermoplastic PVC-P and a galvanized sheet of metal that is corrosion resistant and with a membrane laminated to its surface to enforce the properties of impermeability, guaranteeing a strong and reliable roof. It also comes along with a mechanically fastened roofing system which ensures a strong and decorative finish.

You can now also have metal roofs while saving up to 40% of your budget by employing Alkor Metals as the gap between synthetic and metal materials has increased significantly. This means you can add the aesthetic finish of metal to your roof without the need to overspend! 

HP Roofing not only manufactures roofs out of Alkor Metal but we also fabricate:

Alkor Metal Fabricators – Saviour of Roofs

One of the most momentous reasons for HP Roofing to use Alkor Metal solutions is due to its design which is in a manner that even with steep or curvy roofs, the sheet provides a swift and impervious support. It also has a clear coat which is a transparent protective layer that does not let the dirt settle on it while providing a passage for water to wash off the dirt.

We understand that our customers need a one-time solution for their problems. Alkor Metal products have a long life expectancy while the process of installation is relatively easier, fast yet cheap. We want our customers to save energy and cost and the features of Alkor Metal suits our requirements. It controls air leakages and hence is following the energy-saving plans. The fire retardant Alkor Metal products do not require any naked flame in the process of installation hence ensuring fire safety. You can now increase the aesthetics of your roof with our broad range of colours in Alkor Metal products. It is also eco-friendly with its recyclable properties due to the elements of PVC.

Alkor Metal

Alkor Metal –  Absolute Fabrication & Installation

HP roofing is popularly known as an Alkor metal fabricator in Dublin. We assure that our customers receive the best of services. We believe in using the highest quality products that meet all international standards of quality. For this reason, we are affiliated with the best manufacturers i.e. Alkorplan for Alkor Metal.

HP roofing has three standard methods to install Alkor Metal products. These include:

Mechanically fastened system:

This method can be employed for new builds and refurbishments. The plates are fastened with the help of screws through the insulation and the roof deck.

Adhered system:

The membrane is bonded to the roof. This can be done completely or sometimes partly for renovation purposes in the future. It can also adhere directly to the surface of the roof which consists of bitumen or felt.

Ballasted/Green roofs:

This consists of several layers for fortification, separation and drainage, which is held back with ballast or slabs and green roofing systems.

With the expertise, experience and knowledge, HP Roofing makes sure that our customers receive the best of services, without any complaints. Being the top Alkor metal fabricator in Dublin we not only meet the quality standards in production but we are also equipped with the skills to install those products. So go ahead and entitle yourself to the service of the best roofing contractors in Dublin.

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