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ALM HM Ireland is a top rank distributor of high-quality hard metals in Ireland like aluminium, zinc, copper and steel. They are renowned for stocking only the high-quality, robust metals that will provide solid foundations for your roof while maximising aesthetics. Being ALM HM approved contractor, we have acquired their supply of high-quality hard metals with unique strength and sturdiness. They exhibit extraordinary properties of malleability and low corrosiveness.

We are honoured to be an ALM HMs approved contractor due to several factors, including their best practices, the quality of the products they supply, and outstanding market reputation. ALM HM provides ancillaries, tools and roofing fabrications from shingles to ridges, cappings, flashing and much more. It is a go-to place for all metal roofing fabrications. ALM HM for Irish roofers is very similar to what a departmental store is for a neighbourhood.

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ALM HM is also recommended for its competitive pricing, and this means that now you can get the best quality products at an economical price. ALM HM deals in a wide range of hard metals from renowned brands like VMZinc, Prefalz Aluminum and Copper Roofing.

We care for our customers, their well-being and their money, and hence we recommend ALM HM. One of the greatest joys and advantages of being ALM HM’s approved contractor is that HP Roofing’s integrity remains intact. ALM HM offers a warranty for all its branded products. In case of damaged or faulty products, you can claim the warranty using HP Roofing’s assistance.

VMZinc – High-Quality Corrosion Resistant

As approved contractors of ALM HM, we only want the best quality of metals, especially zinc. We acquired VMZinc from ALM HM because they retain the qualities of zinc most significantly. VMZinc offers numerous types of zinc products like Quartz VMZinc, Anthra VMZinc, Pigmento VMZinc, etc. 

These products are corrosion resistant, weatherproof, and malleable. However, each of them also has distinctive properties. For example, the Pigmento VMZinc is available in different surface colours and has a durable protective coating. While Quartz VMZinc has a patina appearance and self-healing properties. Anthra zinc is famous for its visible grain, which gives off the colour of slate. 

Prefalz Aluminum  – Sturdy And Durable

Another product that ALM HM deals in is Prefalz Aluminum. Prefalz Aluminum has numerous roofing benefits. It has versatile uses, which means it applies to all types of roofs, whether arched, flat or domed. It also enhances the aesthetics of your roof since it is available in an extensive range of nineteen colours. It has a smooth, shiny surface, and it is not combustible. 

Prefalz Aluminium is also fully recyclable, which makes it environmentally friendly. When you use Prefalz Aluminium, you also contribute to the environment by reducing the carbon footprint and harmful emissions of carbon dioxide. Prefalz Aluminum is highly durable and provides excellent support and foundation for your roof. ALM HM also offers ready-made Prefalz Aluminum products like shingles, cappings, metal flashings, etc.

ALM HM Approved Contractors

Increasing Aesthetics With Copper Roofing

Copper roofing is one of the most aesthetic and costly forms of metal roofing since copper is not exactly cheap to attain. However, ALM HM offers copper roofing at substantial pricing with warranties. The soft metal provides an excellent finish to your roof while being extremely long-lasting, and it has been witnessed to maintain its life for over 200 years. As ALM HM approved contractors, this is one of the best choices we suggest that ALM HM offers.

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HP roofing is ALM HM’s approved contractor, and we are proud to be associated with them. This association allows us to be certified installers of the products they distribute and supply. Installing these ALM HM products such as VMZinc and Prefalz Aluminum is pretty straightforward, safe and involves minimal discomfort for our customers. We make it imperative to provide high-quality, effective, and efficient roofing solutions across Dublin, Ireland. Call us at 01 960 1364 for reliable roofing.

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