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One of the most delicate aspects of building construction is roofing. Hence, you must select the best roofers in town for roof installation or roof repair. HP Roofing has been providing the best roofing solutions in Ireland for over five decades.

Working with the best vendors and manufacturers has improved the quality of our work. We make no compromises regarding product or labour, whether slate roofing or any other roofing domain. Our dedication to quality led us to the Blue Bangor Slate, and we have been Blue Bangor’s approved contractors in Ireland for many years. We are fully prepared to provide you with the best slate roofing products and safe installations.

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Why Blue Bangor Slates?

Blue Bangor is a roofing manufacturer that believes in high-quality products, a smooth supply chain, and cost-effective solutions. As a Blue Bangor approved contractor, HP Roofing has access to practical and dependable slate roofing. These slates not only come with a valuable guarantee, but they may also be the ideal solution for the architecture of your building. For more information, contact our expert roofers.

The best part about Blue Bangor Natural Slate is their excellent prices, and above all, the progressive approach to always looking forward to better slates. With their prompt delivery services, this venture became more exciting and trustworthy.

Premium Blue Bangor Natural Slates

HP Roofing recommends the best roofing solution, particularly for slate roofing. And Blue Bangor Natural Slates are of the best in Ireland.


Such slates are available in the market that weighs around hundreds of pounds per square foot, becoming a threat to a roof. To overcome this issue, Blue Bangor’s natural slate with new features is a fantastic solution.

Let’s see what Blue Bangor is offering!

  • Slates come with a guarantee of up to 100 years (if installed professionally)
  • Simple installation thanks to the pre-holding and locking system
  • There are plain and textured designs available.
  • Colour guarantee for life
  • There are various sizes available.
  • A vintage and sleek appearance
  • Extensive range of plain and decorative ridges
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Suitable to meet any architecture and project
  • Eco-friendly
  • Toughest Natural slates
  • Different colour tones are available.

Blue Bangor offers one of the best natural slates due to its one-of-a-kind and unrivalled qualities and guarantee. These natural slates blend beautifully with the environment, making them ideal for heritage projects and rural architecture.

While working with Blue Bangor, HP Roofing provides the best natural slates as well as excellent alternatives. It is up to the clients to decide what looks best in their space.

Blue Bangor Natural Slate

Certified Natural Slate Roofing Installer

HP Roofing is one of the most trustworthy roofing names in the country. These years made the company stand strong enough to take the right approach to offer diverse roofing solutions. But it requires skilled craftsmanship to install natural slates on the roof. And HP Roofing has a team that is competent enough to complete the job. With high-quality slate roof installation services, we can add a new life to your rooftops. 

If you are looking for some natural roofing solution, you can go for slate roofing. It is one of the most popular and sleek roofings that can strengthen the roof and conserve energy.

Being one of the Blue Bangor approved contractors, we offer roofing solutions for residential and commercial sites. Book an appointment now and avail of a free, no-obligation site inspection.

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