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Roof Cappings are an important part of the roofing process, which is usually underestimated and overlooked. Cappings are basically metal strips that are shaped like triangles and are employed to cover the joins of the edges where two sides of a roof meet. 

HP Roofing is an accredited roof capping manufacturer in Ireland and has mastered the art of roof capping manufacturing. Our roof cappings are waterproof and weatherproof to avoid water leakages through the roof. These cappings are imperative for a proper roof because without them the inner tiles of the roof are prone to damage due to exposure to the weather.

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HP Roofing provides high quality and aesthetic flat roof cappings to feast your eyes and will provide robust support to your roof. It is extremely important as it protects the underlying structure of your roof and prevents water from entering through the ceiling.

The shape of the flat roof cappings resembles an umbrella and the purpose of the capping is also similar to that of an umbrella- impedes water leakage. Even in the damp and moist Irish weather, these cappings are mould and fungus resistant. This means the cleaning and maintenance of these cappings will be as easy as winking and can be done in no time.

Roof cappings also help your roof and house steer clear of bugs and insects from migrating into it. It also makes your house energy efficient as it circulates the air constantly, regulating the temperature in your house and not letting it become too cold in winters and too hot in summers. This natural regulation of temperature reduces energy consumption through air conditioners or heaters and hence allows you to save money.

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We not only manufacture roof cappings, but we are also proficient experts at installing them. Our organization has been an active participant in the construction market for over 50 years and we are a proud roof capping manufacturer in Ireland. We install these roof cappings by using cement to keep the cappings in place, which is also popularly known as bedding. However, newer modifications have been introduced such as using a paste of rubber which helps in improving the aesthetics of your roof.

The process of installation we employ is carried out in a way that causes minimal discomfort to our customers and is effective, efficient and safe. We use equipment and machines that do not pose any threat to the environment or the safety of our staff members or customers. An in-house safety officer is responsible for looking over the protection of all procedures being carried out. Our experts are equipped with the knowledge and skills required to make your roof perfect.

Roof Cappings Manufacturer

Along with Flat Roof Cappings, HP Roofing, being the best roofing contractors in Dublin also fabricates:

 At HP Roofing, we value the time and money of our customers and hence we make sure that our services are up to the mark and time-saving. Our roof capping is high-quality and their installation is easy and quick. We hope to live up to your expectations and provide the best products and services. Contact the best roof cappings manufacturers today!

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