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HP Roofing is at the forefront of the Irish roofing industry with its unmatched expertise and progressive approach. We’re Soprema approved roofing contractors based in Dublin, Ireland. For more than five decades, the goal has been to provide the best roofing solutions to customers.

We keep our focus on quality, which is why we choose vendors and manufacturers with caution. As roofing experts, we are always on the lookout for high-quality products and tools. Soprema, an experienced manufacturer and developer of leading roofing solutions, is one of our suppliers. It provides efficient, cost-effective, and dependable roofing products.

HP Roofing takes pride in being a Soprema approved contractor. Together – we are prepared to provide you with the best roofing solutions in Ireland.

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Soprema – Ultimate Felt Roofing Solutions

Felt roofing provides ultimate leakage solutions for your rooftops. It is the best choice to prevent snow infiltration, water, dirt, moist and even insects. It also helps to insulate the temperature as the layers trap down the energy inside the lofts that maintain the temperature of your place. 

Being a Soprema approved contractor in Ireland, HP Roofing is confident about its felt roofing solutions and insulation products. After purchasing their premium felt roofing solutions, the roofing company professionally installs them at your place. We recommend solutions that can strengthen your roof with minimal structural changes.

Here’s everything that Soprema supplies across Ireland:

Bituminous Shingles

Bituminous is one of the essential materials regarding roofing and insulation. They ensure high performance with an aesthetic look and long-lasting results, causing no damage to the building structure during installation. The felt roofing solution goes perfectly with both contemporary and traditional architecture. 

Enhanced weather resistance, particularly wind resistance, makes it the best choice for windy areas. 

Mountain Roofing

Mountain roofing is one of Soprema’s most popular and long-lasting roofing solutions. It is specially designed for mountainous areas manufactured with SBS elastomer bitumen that reinforces the long-lasting results. You can quickly get your hands on the ultimate mountain roofing solutions from HP Roofing, Soprema approved contractor. 

In addition, it comes with an insertion of an additional waterproofing layer that makes it perfect for flat roofs.


Soprema’s Upgraded Felt Roofing Solutions

Soprema has taken the roofing solution to another level. It enhances the products’ quality and incorporates new elements with bitumen shingles and sheets. The mixture eventually works as a waterproof membrane with a higher life expectancy. Moreover, the performance perfectly meets with all the building architectures.

With the reinforcement of non-woven polyester or glass mat, waterproofing becomes more manageable and efficient. 

Soprema offers felt roofing solutions in diverse ranges, such as: 

  • rubberised asphalt 
  • modified elastomer or elastomer bitumen
  • self-adhered and liquid-applied roofing

These are suitable for building structures like giant commercial buildings (Plazas), parking decks, garden roofs, warehouse roofs, below garden foundation wall, insulated concrete form, etc. The performance and worth of these felt roofing speak for themselves.

Get Roofing Done by Soprema Approved Contractor

We all know that remodelling or repairing a place is not easy or cheap, but go with professional and trusted options when necessary. HP Roofing Ireland is a Soprema approved contractor ready to bring the ultimate solutions. So, talk to us and let’s get started. Along with Soprema, you can also acquire Bauder, Moy Material, Laydex and IKO felt roofing.

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