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Standing seam metal roofing belongs to an elaborate family of metal roofs. It comprises two types of legs: male and female, that are joined and fastened together with clips to the roofing structure. Now that you know what standing-seam roofs are, let’s see how HP Roofing gets involved. We are standing seam manufacturers and have been in this business for over 50 years. We have deep insight and experience which makes us capable today to provide and produce the best quality metal roofing products and expertise on how to install products like the standing seam.

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Typically, there are two types of standing seam i.e., architectural and structural. The structural one is usually employed for less steep roofs and has hydrostatic properties; this means it is watertight and does not let water pass through when completely drowned and submerged in water for some specific periods. These were primitively employed in pre-engineering building processes, but now it is also being used over plywood membranes.

Our architectural type of standing seam is used for steeper roofs and is effectively hyperkinetic, which means that it can resist the water running off it, however, they are not physically capable of withstanding water pools on them. However, it is capable of handling heavy loads. It is objectively used for enclosure and styling purposes.

In the damp Irish weather, these standing seam roofs will prove to be extremely beneficial providing watertight, weatherproof and aesthetic qualities. We suggest these standing seams since they are budget-friendly, durable and low maintenance during their service life, making them perfect for any roofing situation.

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Standing Seam

Exceptional Standing Seam Manufacturer in Ireland

We are ideally known as a Standing Seam manufacturer in Ireland, and we are proud of this reputation. Our standing steam fabrications are of high quality and performance and are recognized to provide efficient and effective results. Apart from being known as standing seam fabricators, we are also popular for the installation of these products. We have a well-defined and committed approach to installation which comprises two types: symmetrical and non-symmetrical.

Symmetrical consists of placing these panels in a way that they appear the same on both sides. This type of installation allows us to replace the panels easily as required by you and does not require positioning of these panels in a left-to-right or vice versa manner. Non-symmetrical involves having different legs on each side of the panel which means that the left to right approach is being employed. 

You can always depend on HP Roofing, the best roofing contractors, to carry out the process effectively and accurately since we are accredited standing seam manufacturers and installers and have been in this field for a long time. We are aware of the building codes and laws and we promise to provide you with the best quality product and services.

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