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Over the years, the Irish roofing industry has undergone numerous changes. However, an old roofing solution is still in demand due to the strength and security it provides to your roof. Yes! We’re discussing slate roofing, and HP Roofing’s competent team provides customers with professional slate roofing. One of our proficient suppliers is Tegral Slate, recently renamed Cedral Slate.

As a Tegral slate-approved contractor, HP Roofing brings you their impressive slates, which are in high demand and suit perfectly in Ireland’s extreme weather conditions.

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Tegral Slate Roofing for Irish Architecture

Slate roofing is a robust roofing system composed of natural slates and other materials. And fortunately, Tegral Slate offers reliable and cost-effective slate roofing with a lifespan of more than five decades (if installed professionally).

It is undoubtedly one of the most attractive and long-lasting roofing systems on the market. The aesthetic appearance and asphalt shingles ensure safety and security while providing the ultimate sleek appearance.

Tegral slate, unlike other roofing systems, comes in a square cut shape, giving your roof a distinct appearance.

Is Tegral Slate a Right Option?

First and foremost, inspect the building infrastructure because slate roofing is not a good option without a thorough inspection. So, before choosing slate roofing as a new roofing option, HP Roofing carries out a complete check and analysis of the area.

  • The site has a sturdy foundation that can withstand the weight of the slate. WHY?  Tegral slate shingle roofing ranges from 800-1500 pounds per square foot. As a result, it is essential first to check the site. The most important aspect is the assurance of a solid foundation; otherwise, the roof will collapse.
  • The sole reason for our expert panel’s visit and analysis is that structural engineers must approve Slate roofing.
  • As Tegral slate comes in a square shape, it must be installed one at a time, necessitating the use of professional and skilled workers, which HP Roofing Ireland provides.

Unlike other roofing companies, HP Roofing claims to be the best Tegral Slate approved contractor in Ireland. We are a competent roofing company, providing customers with genuine material and faster installation. So call now at 01 960 1364 for more information and book a site inspection.

Tegral Slate Approved Contractors

Tegral Slate with Ultimate Features

Why does HP Roofing recommend Tegral Slate? There are numerous reasons for this, but the most important is their commitment to providing the best service possible to their customers. Everything that makes Tegral slates the best roofing solution is listed below:

  • Over two decades colour guarantee due to a unique painting process
  • Textured surface – Replicating the natural texture of slates
  • Plain and dressed edges
  • No sorting or grading is required before installation. 
  • Light-weighted high-quality slate roofing options
  • 4mm slate thickness that assures good coverage and weather resistance
  • Overall good rating regarding energy conservation
  • Easy installation with slate nails (size depends on the Tegral slates)
  • Over 30 years of structural guarantee of Tegral slates
  • With A+ green guide rating, an eco-friendly roofing solution

Have you decided to go with slate roofing in Ireland? HP Roofing, a Tegral slate approved contractor, is here to provide the ideal solution and the best installation services.

Most importantly, once the process is completed, we thoroughly clean the area to avoid any mishaps. Are you ready for a new roof or a roof replacement? We are here to assist you! Contact us today to experience a whole new level of slate roofing installation.

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