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Triflex is a liquid applied waterproofing company that has been providing its services for over 40 years and has been committed to fortifying buildings from moisture, dampening and weathering through liquid applied waterproofing. Their tailored solutions of liquid applied waterproofing for flat roofs are just perfect for you. Triflex Ireland also provides meaningful warranties, which ensures that you do not have to worry about your roof during the rainy season for many years to come!

Triflex offers cold application, which means that it does not have to be heated before application and can be applied directly from the tin. This liquid applied waterproofing technique is engineered with polymer chemistry technology which contains resin and epoxy to maintain complete and long term security and protection of your roof.

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Triflex in Ireland has a very prominent position due to its high performance and effective results. The applied area does not have to be imposed with access restrictions for long because Triflex dries out very quickly, and the substrate can be used within no time. It also does not have any time restriction for application which means it can be applied all year round and does not require certain weather to be installed on the roof.

Triflex is one of the best liquid applied waterproofing with long-term benefits, propelling customers to use Triflex in Ireland. This liquid waterproofing for flat roofs is solvent-free, which means it does not have to be dissolved before application and can be applied fresh from the tin. It is UV rays resistant and does not react to the electromagnetic waves from the sun. It has a high resistance to hydrolysis, so it does not let water pass through even when submerged in water.

Triflex liquid applied roofing is also chemically inert, which means that it does not react with chemicals in the atmosphere ensuring long life expectancy. Triflex is also mechanically equipped to endure the heavyweights, which means it is resistant to abrasion. These Triflex liquid applied waterproofing membranes can be used during any humidity levels, which is a major plus, given the damp atmosphere of Ireland.


Triflex Liquid Waterproofing for Flat Roofs

Before recommending a specific product, HP Roofing considers all these factors as defined above, including quality, commitment, and infinite other. Triflex fulfils all these standards of performance, integrity and quality. It is a practical roofing solution, demonstrating long-term results. HP Roofing takes great pride in installing Triflex to all types of projects, whether commercial or residential. The installation process is straightforward, takes minimal time for application and is very similar to painting a wall.

Our team of roofing experts installs Triflex liquid applied roofing in a blink of an eye. The procedure is by far the safest in all roofing installations, and it does not involve any hazardous procedures like fire or heavy equipment. HP Roofing promises quality installation of high-performance Triflex, which combine to exhibit excellent waterproofing qualities.

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