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IKO is an internationally recognised brand for the best roofing, waterproofing and roof insulation products. Being market leaders worldwide, from Canada to Europe, they have gained proficiency and high expertise in fabricating: 

  • Bituminous & Synthetic Roofing Membranes 
  • Waterproofing Membranes 
  • Polyisocyanurate Insulation Boards 

IKO is a family-owned business, and due to this nature, they believe that the world is their global family. And as one provides the best to their family, IKO hopes and does the same. They have a set of protocols for the deliverance of quality to its global family. Their products are unparalleled in quality, and hence we are incredibly proud to be IKO’s approved contractor

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IKO manufactures high-quality roofing membranes with a focus on intricate details. Their roofing products are highly effective and greatly enhance the aesthetics of your roof. IKO also provides roof accessory products like cap shingles to top off the beauty of your roof while strengthening its foundations.

IKO’s roofing membrane waterproofing qualities ensure that your place remains dry and warm even when it is bucketing down. These high-quality roofing membranes by IKO also provide excellent insulation with high R-values and low U-values to minimise heat loss to the environment. 

IKO’s sealing property makes sure that no air or water vapour enters the building. The robust structure of IKOs roofing membranes strengthens your roof in case of storms or strong winds. The roofing membranes protect the foundations of the roof and the roofing underneath from wear and tear, preventing leakage in the roof.

IKO Ultra Prevent for Ultra Results

One of IKO’s best products is Ultra Prevent, a waterproofing bitumen roofing membrane with high waterproofing features that are needed, especially in the damp Irish weather. It can hinder the entrance of water into your house and prevent water or air vapour, which may cause the atmosphere to remain damp and cold.

IKO Ultra Prevent’s other advantage is that it is fireproof. This means that it can not only endure fire, but it also acts as a barrier against flames, ash and smoke that the fire may cause. Ultra-prevent is a torch on felt roofing membrane, which makes it self-extinguishable in case of fire. Ultra Prevent puts out the fire itself once the flames have been removed, and it does not continue to burn.

IKO’s Ultra Prevent is exceptionally durable and has a lifetime of at least 30 years. Hence, you will be getting yourself three stress-free decades once you have this Ultra Prevent installed on your roof.


IKO Approved Contractor- HP Roofing

HP Roofing aims to provide its customers with the best products from the market that matches our standards of high quality and integrity while being economical. IKO completely fulfils all our criteria and provides high-quality roofing fabrications. One such example is IKO Ultra Prevent torch on felt and IKO Polimar, which provides durability and the best waterproofing and fireproofing qualities. All these factors combined propel us to be associated with IKO, and we are honoured to be IKO approved contractor.

Being IKO approved contractor means that we install IKO’s fabricated products at our customers’ places. We are highly particular about the whole procedure of installation, including the quality, safety and involved steps. HP Roofing typically takes care of the on-site safety during installation. For this, we have specific standard operating procedures and a safety officer to ensure that all installation steps are carried out with safety and integrity.

Ultra-Prevent and IKO Polimar installation requires it to be adhered to the roof using flames from a blow torch. This procedure is often seen as dangerous. However, we guarantee that our SOP’s ensure entirely safe since we care about you and our workers equally. The whole installation is planned to involve minimal discomfort for our customers, and the process is quick and easy. We ensure that our installation of IKO’s roofing membranes is up to international standards.


How is IKO’s Ultra Prevent self-extinguishable?

IKO’s Ultra Prevent torch on felt has a mineral finish on the upper side during a thermo-fusible film underneath. It also has a graphite coating which gives it the fire-retardant properties and makes it self-extinguishable, which means that once the flames have been put out, the material will stop burning, which it does.

What material is IKO Ultra Prevent made of?

IKO Ultra Prevent membranes are made of a polyester glass-fibre laminate and have a solid coating of SBS modified bitumen. It also comprises Graphite Firewall Technology which provides an unparalleled forte of long-lasting waterproofing and fire protection qualities that will enhance the sturdiness of your roof.

Does Ultra Prevent have colour options?

IKO’s high-performance waterproofing Ultra Prevent is available in three colours, namely brown, green and black, to top the aesthetics of your roof.

Are IKO’s products certified?

IKO’s fabrications are BBA certified, meaning that its design considerations, building regulations and installation methods have been approved, inspected, tested and certified by BBA.

What is the method of application of IKO’s Ultra Prevent?

Ultra-Prevent torch on felt is installed using the torch on technique in which the bituminous membrane is adhered to the roof’s surface using a blow torch.

How is HP Roofing associated with IKO?

HP Roofing is an approved contractor of IKO, which means that HP roofing is responsible for installing the products fabricated by IKO in Dublin, Carlow, Kildare and several other counties.

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