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HP Roofing is Tata Steel’s approved contractor, and this association gives us great honour. Tata Steel is a globally recognised multinational construction company initially started in India and expanded throughout Europe and Asia. Their construction products have gained wide popularity due to their incredible quality. In a brief time, Tata Steel has grown its roots from India to around the world. The quality of the raw materials to the temperatures of the blast furnaces and rotary kilns is closely monitored and scrutinised to ensure that the final product meets the international quality standards and proves to be effective and efficient.

We became Tata Steel’s approved contractor due to their commitment to quality and consistency. They maintain the integrity we always have looked out for in our roofing products and integrate the best practices to produce unrivalled quality steel products. These techniques include up and downstream quality assurance processes, optical microscopic inspection, optical emission spectrometer, etc. 

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Although Tata Steel has a comprehensive range of steel products, they are also proficient at fabricating roofing products like panels, build-up roofs, standing seam, etc. Hence we did not lose a second to become Tata Steel’s approved contractor to install these magnificent products.

Tata Steel Snaplock System

One exciting product is the Tata Steel Snaplock system, a standing seam that can quickly fix your roof. The steel is tough, having high tensile strength and a shallow corrosive rate. It requires minimal maintenance and roof replacement and has a long life expectancy. It is also available in an elaborate range of different colours to make sure that the aesthetics of your roof is amplified along with strengthening the foundations of your roof.

Being a Tata Steels approved contractor has been delightful because their products are straightforward to install. For example, Tata Steel snaplock can be installed by placing the seams next to each other and locking themselves, and they do not require single or double lock seaming tools. While the quality of Tata Steel snaplock has only increased, the complexity of the installation process has never been more simplified.

Tata Steel Approved Contractors

Prisma Standing Seam

Another product manufactured by Tata Steel is Prisma standing seam. It is available in different colours and has a fantastic UV performance while surpassing all European standards of corrosiveness. This coat of Prisma vertical seam will excel the aesthetics of your roof while ensuring that even in the dampest Irish weather, your investment in your roof stays intact.

Prisma standing seams also provide numerous benefits, and the process of installation is easy. HP Roofing makes sure that its customers are given high-quality services that involve minimal discomfort. Hence, our expert roofers carry out the process efficiently, and each step of the installation is preplanned. This way, the installation process of Prisma standing steam is done in the least amount of time. 

Installation By Tata Steel Approved Contractors

HP Roofing’s team ensures that as Tata Steel approved contractors, we install their products efficiently to provide maximum results and benefits to our customers for a long time. Our installation is made strong, intricately scrutinised and completely safe so that customers become stress-free about their roofs once and for all! 

We aim to provide installation services that match the quality of the products and deliver maximum results to our customers. The installation of Tata Steel products is completely safe and does not involve any steps that may compromise the procedure’s safety. However, we still have a skilled team capable of handling any such scenarios, along with our in-house safety officer.

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