Meet John McEvoy,
Founder of HP Roofing

John McEvoy's journey in the roofing industry began with Rucon in 1964, leading him to work with Griggs Amesco. By 1967, he became the primary subcontractor for HH Robinsons. His passion and dedication led him to establish HP Roofing in 1969 with a small crew of three roofers. Today, under John's leadership, HP Roofing stands as a testament to over 50 years of excellence in commercial and residential roofing in Ireland.

John's vision for HP Roofing was to provide high-quality roofing solutions backed by unparalleled expertise. Over the years, the company has collaborated with leading Irish companies such as Moy Materials, IKO, and Tegral Slate.
John's commitment to quality and safety is evident in the rigorous training and safety protocols in place at HP Roofing, ensuring that every project is executed with precision.
While John's expertise in roofing is undeniable, his commitment extends beyond just business. HP Roofing, under his guidance, has been a part of Dublin's growth, having worked on notable projects like Trinity College Dublin and The Shelbourne Hotel.
John's leadership has ensured that HP Roofing not only delivers impeccable service but also remains fully insured and tax compliant, reflecting his dedication to both craftsmanship and community.
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