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Avail yourself of free roof inspection by a trained crew. The team at HP Roofing performs a thorough survey of your site to identify any damages, brokerage, or other issues with your roof. And then we come up with a solution to fix the roof with as minimum cost as possible. 

Although roofs last for at least 30 years or more, to maintain the integrity of your roof, it is essential to keep up with the maintenance of the roof. For that, you should get your roof inspected once a year for any damages, especially after heavy rains, snowstorms and wind storms. And it is best to choose a professional roofing company to get a flat roof inspection.

HP Roofing concludes a full report after the damaged roof inspection that tells you everything your roof needs and how much it would cost you. We also provide a quote of work on your request after the detailed examination.

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Get Flat Roof Damage Inspection

Over time your roof starts to wear off and requires maintenance and repair. Sometimes the flat roof gets damaged due to severe weather conditions, and other times the faulty installation results in havoc. Therefore, it is essential to carry out damage inspection on a flat roof.

You might be tempted to take a ladder and check up on the roof yourself. But as expert roofers, HP Roofing doesn’t recommend it. It is risky and unsafe to inspect the roof yourself. Plus, you might not be able to carry out the task as properly as a professional crew. 

Meanwhile, HP Roofing has a trained team with appropriate tools and skills. They perform an all in all inspection of your place. We look for:

Once we identify the problem, the expert technicians develop the solution to repair your roof as soon as possible. HP Roofing highly recommends flat roof inspected regularly. Call us right away at 01 960 1407 to book a free roof inspection with us. You won’t be bound to acquire our service after the survey as it is non-obligatory.

Free Roof Inspection

How Much Does Commercial Roof Inspection Cost in Ireland?

Almost all roofing companies carry out roof damage inspections for free. And at HP Roofing, not only you would get a free site inspection, but it won’t be obligatory for you to hire us. So book us now for a flat roof inspection in Ireland

While roof inspection won’t cost you a penny, you will be charged for the repairs that your roof needs. In some cases, just repairing the roof won’t be enough, and you would need a complete roof replacement. HP Roofing will suggest a cost-effective and durable roof solution, given the structure of your commercial or residential building and location.

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We usually reply within 1 business day. For any urgent inquiries, Please call us on 01 960 1407