Copper Roof Cost in Ireland

John McEvoy
December 19, 2023

Are you thinking about a copper roof installation but unsure about the cost? because every web article is showing a different cost, then stop searching and let us help you! It can be difficult to go through the many factors that affect pricing. But don't worry; we're here to help!

This post will break down everything from size and installation costs to the small but vital details. The aim of writing this blog is to make sure you only pay for what you need.

Eager to get savvy about all aspects of the cost of a copper roof? Let’s dive straight in!

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Copper Roofs

Several factors can influence the cost of copper roofs, including roof size, pitch, features, roofing type, labour, materials, and permits.

Roof Size

The size of your roof plays a big part in the cost of a copper roof. A bigger roof needs more materials and work. That means it costs more money. For example, if we think of an average cost between €20 and €30 per square foot, you see its effect on price.

If you have a small roof that is 1,000 square feet, it might cost anywhere from €20,000 to €30,000 for copper roofing. However, larger roofs can reach up to €72,800 or even more! So the total amount spent depends heavily on how big your roof is.

Roof Pitch

Roof pitch is an important factor that affects the cost of a copper roof. The roof pitch refers to how steep or flat the roof is. Steeper roofs require more materials and labour, which can increase the overall cost of the project.

Additionally, roofs with a higher pitch may require specialised equipment and safety measures, contributing to higher installation costs. On the other hand, flatter roofs are generally easier and quicker to install, resulting in lower labour costs.

When considering the cost of a copper roof, it's essential to take into account the pitch of your existing roof or any changes you plan to make during construction.

Roof Features

Roof features are an important factor when it comes to the cost of a copper roof. Different features can affect the installation process and materials required, which in turn can impact the overall cost.

For example, if your roof has a complex design with multiple angles and slopes, it may require more labour and materials for installation. Additionally, if you have special features like skylights or chimneys, extra care will be needed to ensure that the copper roof is properly integrated with these elements.

All these factors should be considered when budgeting for your copper roof installation to get an accurate estimate of the total cost.

Roofing Type

There are different types of copper roofing to choose from for your home. One option is standing seam copper roofing, which costs between €20 and €30 per square foot. Another option is copper shingles, which provide a more traditional look.

Copper tiles and panels are also available. Each type has its own unique benefits and aesthetic appeal. Standing seam panels offer durability and weather resistance, while copper shingles can add charm to your home's exterior.

No matter the type you choose, a copper roof can enhance the overall appearance of your house and provide long-lasting protection against various elements.


Installing a copper roof requires skilled labour to ensure a proper and efficient installation. The cost of labour is an important factor to consider when budgeting for your copper roof project.

Hiring professional installers who have experience working with copper roofing materials will help guarantee the quality and longevity of your roof. On average, the cost of labour for installing a copper roof can range from €16 to €40 per square foot, depending on the complexity of the job and location.

It's essential to factor in labour costs when calculating the overall expense of your new copper roof.


For a copper roof, the materials you choose play a significant role in determining the overall cost. Copper roofing materials are generally more expensive than other options, like asphalt shingles or metal roofs.

The national average cost of copper roofing material ranges from €11 to €25 per square foot.

The type of copper roofing material will also affect the cost. Standing seam copper panels, for example, can cost around €40 per square foot. Other types, such as copper shingles and tiles, may have slightly different price points.

When considering the materials for your copper roof, it's important to keep in mind that while they may be pricier upfront, they offer several advantages, like durability and a longer lifespan.

Additionally, copper roofs provide an aesthetic upgrade compared to other roofing materials.


Before installing a copper roof, it's important to consider the permits you might need. In Ireland, homeowners generally need planning permission for any significant changes to their roofs.

This includes replacing your existing roof with a new copper one. The cost of permits can vary depending on local regulations and the size of your project. It's recommended to consult with your local authorities or a professional roofing contractor to determine the specific permits required for your copper roof installation.

Types of Copper Roofing

There are several types of copper roofing to choose from, including standing seam copper roofing, copper shingles, copper tiles, and copper panels. Each type offers its own unique benefits and aesthetic upgrades.

Read on to discover which one may be the perfect fit for your home.

Standing Seam Copper Roofing

Standing seam copper roofing is a popular choice for homeowners in Ireland. This type of roofing features long, straight panels that are joined together with raised seams. The average cost of standing seam copper roofing ranges from €20 to €30 per square foot, making it a durable and stylish option for your home.

With its weather resistance and long lifespan, standing seam copper roofing provides excellent value for money. Additionally, the aesthetic upgrade it offers can enhance the overall look of your home.

When considering different types of copper roofs, standing seam is worth considering due to its durability and benefits compared to other materials like corrugated or asphalt shingle roofs.

Copper Shingles

Copper shingles are a popular option for homeowners looking to add a touch of elegance to their roofs. These shingles offer a more traditional look compared to standing seam copper roofing.

They can be installed on various types of roofs and come in different sizes and styles, allowing for customization to match the aesthetic of your home.

One important thing to consider with copper shingles is the cost. The national average cost for copper roofing is around €11 to €25 per square foot. This includes the materials and professional installation fees.

So, if you're planning on installing copper shingles, it's important to budget accordingly. In terms of maintenance, copper roofs are relatively low-maintenance compared to other roofing materials. Copper is resistant to corrosion and does not require frequent cleaning or repairs. It also has an impressive lifespan, lasting anywhere from 50 to 100 years or more with proper care.

Copper Tiles

Copper tiles are another option for homeowners considering a copper roof. These tiles provide a unique and elegant look to your home's exterior. They can be installed in a variety of patterns and styles, allowing you to create a custom design that fits your aesthetic preferences.

Copper tiles are durable and long-lasting, with a lifespan that can exceed 100 years when properly maintained. While the cost of copper tiles may be higher compared to other roofing materials, their beauty and durability make them a worthwhile investment for homeowners looking to enhance the overall appearance of their homes.

Additionally, copper roofs offer benefits such as energy efficiency and weather resistance, which can contribute to long-term savings on heating and cooling costs. So if you're looking for a roofing material that combines aesthetics with longevity, copper tiles may be the perfect choice for your home.

Copper Panels

Copper panels are another option for homeowners considering a copper roof. These panels, when installed correctly, provide a sleek and modern appearance to any home. The cost of copper panels can range from €40 per square foot, making them more expensive than other types of roofing materials.

However, the investment is worth it, as copper roofs offer many benefits, such as durability and weather resistance. Copper panels also have a long lifespan and require minimal maintenance over time.

With their aesthetic appeal and advantages over other roofing materials, copper panels are an excellent choice for homeowners looking to upgrade their roof.

Pros and Cons of Copper Roofs

Copper roofs offer numerous benefits, such as exceptional durability and a long lifespan that can outlast other roofing materials. However, it is essential to consider the high cost and maintenance requirements associated with copper roofs.

Benefits of Copper Roofs

Copper roofs have many benefits for homeowners in Ireland. Here are some of the main advantages:

  1. Longevity: Copper roofs can last for over 100 years, making them a durable and long-lasting option.
  2. Weather Resistance: Copper is highly resistant to extreme weather conditions, including heavy rain, strong winds, and hailstorms.
  3. Low Maintenance: Copper roofs require minimal upkeep and maintenance over their lifespan.
  4. Aesthetic Appeal: The natural patina that forms on copper roofs provides a unique and attractive look that can enhance the overall appearance of a home.
  5. Sustainable Choice: Copper is a recyclable material, making it an environmentally friendly roofing option.
  6. Increased Property Value: Installing a copper roof can increase the value of your home due to its durability and aesthetic appeal.
  7. Energy Efficiency: Copper roofs reflect sunlight, helping to keep your home cooler in hot weather and potentially reducing energy costs.

Drawbacks of Copper Roofs

Copper roofs have some drawbacks that homeowners should consider before making a decision:

  1. Expensive: Copper roofing materials and installation can be costly, with prices ranging from €20 to €30 per square foot.
  2. Maintenance: Copper roofs require regular maintenance to prevent oxidation and maintain their appearance. This includes cleaning, treating, and sealing the roof periodically.
  3. Vulnerable to damage: Copper is a softer metal compared to other roofing materials, making it more prone to denting or scratching from hailstorms or falling debris.
  4. Colour changes: Over time, copper roofs develop a patina that changes their colour from shiny copper to greenish or bluish hues. Some homeowners may not like this natural weathering process.
  5. Limited availability: Compared to other roofing materials, finding contractors experienced in installing copper roofs may be more challenging due to its less common usage.
  6. Noise: During rain or hailstorms, copper roofs tend to be noisier compared to other roofing materials, which could be bothersome for some homeowners.
  7. Risk of theft: Copper is valuable and can attract thieves who might attempt to steal sections of the roof for resale value.
  8. Compatibility issues: Installing a copper roof on an existing structure may require adjustments or additional structural support due to its weight and unique characteristics.


The cost of a copper roof can vary depending on factors such as size, pitch, materials, and labour. On average, homeowners can expect to pay between 20 and 30 per square foot for a new copper roof installation.

While this may be more expensive than other roofing options, the aesthetic upgrade and durability of copper roofs make them a worthwhile investment for Irish homeowners.

So, if you're considering a copper roof for your home and need expert advice or installation services, contact HP Roofing. Our team has years of experience working with copper roofs and can provide guidance and quality workmanship to ensure your investment stands the test of time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a copper roof cost?

The cost of a copper roof depends on many things, such as the size and style of your house and where you live. The pricing includes materials for the corrugated copper roof or roofing tiles and installation.

What are the advantages of having a copper roof?

A copper roof has many benefits over other types of roofing materials. It is very strong, so it lasts longer. It is also good in all weather because it resists rust.

Are there any disadvantages to using a copper roof?

While there are many advantages to having a copper roof, it can be costly to install compared to other metal roofs, but its return on investment (ROI) makes up for it in the long run due to its longevity and durability.

How do I take care of my new copper roof?

To keep your new shiny top looking great, do regular maintenance check-ups! This means cleaning debris off it often with suitable tools without damaging the finish.

Is investing in a copper roof worth it?

Yes! With their striking look that gets even better over time, strong resistance against harsh weather conditions, and low upkeep needs, they offer high value and an excellent return on investment.

Can I reduce costs by mixing copper with other roofing materials?

Some homeowners opt for a mixed-material approach, using copper for specific architectural details or sections of the roof. This can reduce costs while still providing some of the benefits and aesthetic appeal of copper.

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