Roof Dry Verge System for Plain Tiles with Gable Ends

John McEvoy
March 13, 2023

Dry verge systems for plain tiles are becoming increasingly popular for those looking to secure and protect the edges of their roofing system. This system is an ideal solution for those looking to address issues such as water ingress and wind uplift without compromising the aesthetic appeal of their roof. 

So, if you live in Ireland and are looking for a dry roof verge, read on to find out more about the options available on the market! So, let's start the hunt!

What is a Gable Verge?

A gable verge is the part of a roofing system that extends beyond the ridge line and sloped plane of the roof. It forms where two sloping planes of the roof meet, and it is often finished with plain tiles or other underlays. 

Gable verges are often vulnerable to water ingress and wind uplift, so installing a dry verge system is recommended. It provides an effective weatherproof barrier around the gable ends and protects against water ingress, strong winds, and other environmental damage.

Features and Advantages of a Roof Dry Verge System

Let's ponder over the features and advantages of a roof dry verge system:


It is made from solid and durable materials. This ensures it will last for years and remain in excellent condition, even in harsh weather conditions.

Easy to Install

Installing a dry roof verge system is relatively straightforward and can be done by a professional or DIY enthusiast.

Cost Effective

With this system, you can save money on costly repairs and maintenance in the long run.


It provides a neat, finished look to gable ends with plain tiles and adds an attractive element to your roof.

Types of Dry Verge Systems for Different Roof Styles

Depending on your roof type, several dry verges may suit you. Here are some of the most common systems for different roof styles:

Interlocking System

This is a popular choice for roofs with plain tiles, as it provides a secure fit and efficient protection against water ingress and wind uplift.

Universal System

Ideal for concrete and clay interlocking tiles, this system can provide an effective weatherproof barrier and is easy to install.

Universal System with Gable End Clips

This system is designed specifically for gable ends, providing a secure fit and additional protection against wind uplift.

Eaves System

This system provides a secure fit and effective weatherproofing for areas where eaves and verges meet, such as valleys and hips.

Installing a Dry Verge System: The Basics

Installing a dry verge system is relatively simple and can be done in a few easy steps:

  • Firstly, you will need to measure the area you want to protect and ensure you have suitable materials for the job.
  • Next, following the manufacturer's instructions, you will need to attach the dry verge to your roof.
  • Finally, you will need to check for any signs of damage or leaking and repair as necessary.

Design Considerations for Dry Roof Verge System

When installing a dry roof verge system, there are several design considerations you should take into account. These include

  • The size of the gable end, as dry verges come in various sizes to accommodate different roof shapes.
  • The type of roofing material you have, as this will determine what kind of verge is suitable
  • The  weatherproofing performance that you require, as some verges offer more robust protection than others
  • The aesthetic effect that you are aiming for, as some verges provide a more finished look than others

In addition, you should also consider the installation cost and ensure that you have a professional installer who is experienced in installing dry verge systems. This will ensure that your roof is properly protected and looks its best.

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Dry Verge System in Ireland?

The cost of installing a dry verge system in Ireland will vary depending on the size and complexity of the project. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay anywhere from €100-€200 for a basic system, with more complex methods being more expensive. It is best to get in touch with a professional roofer for an accurate quote and to ensure the job is done correctly.

Can a Dry Verge be Fitted to the Existing Roof?

Yes, dry verge can be fitted to existing roofs. Depending on the type and condition of your existing roof, you may need to take additional steps to ensure that the system is secured and weatherproofed.

If unsure, it is best to consult a professional roofer for advice. They will be able to assess your roof and advise you on the best course of action. Replacing some tiles or other roofing materials may be necessary to ensure that the verge is appropriately fitted and secure.

Is Dry Verge Better Than Mortar? Is it Possible to Fit It Over Mortar?

Dry verges are generally considered a better option than mortar for protecting your roof from water ingress and wind uplift. They provide a more secure and efficient seal with less maintenance than mortar.

In addition, it can be fitted over mortar as long as it is in good condition. However, if the existing mortar has become loose or damaged, it may be necessary to remove it before the dry verge system can be installed. Again, it is best to consult a professional roofer for your situation.

Final Thoughts

dry verge system is ideal for those looking to protect their roof from water ingress, wind uplift, and other environmental damage. With a range of verges available to suit different roof styles, you can easily find an effective system that will provide long-lasting protection. So, if you’re looking for a dry verge system in Ireland, contact us today to find out more. We’ll help you find the perfect solution for your roof!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the primary purpose of a dry verge system?

The primary purpose of a dry verge system is to protect the edges of roofs, specifically the gable ends, from water ingress and wind uplift. It also adds to the aesthetic appeal of the roof.

Are dry verge systems a good alternative to traditional mortar systems?

Yes, dry verge systems are often considered more durable and long-lasting compared to traditional mortar systems. They require less maintenance and provide an efficient seal against environmental factors.

How long can I expect my dry verge system to last?

Dry verge systems, when installed correctly, can last many years. Their lifespan largely depends on the material used and the quality of the installation. However, they typically have a longer life expectancy than traditional mortar systems.

Is there a specific colour or style that dry verge systems come in?

Dry verge systems are available in various colours and styles to match the aesthetics of different roofs and tiles. It allows homeowners to choose a design that complements their property's appearance.

Can I install a dry verge system myself?

While some homeowners with DIY experience might feel comfortable installing a dry verge system, it's recommended to have it professionally installed to ensure it's fitted correctly, providing maximum protection and longevity.

Do dry verge systems work with all types of roofing tiles?

While dry verge systems are versatile and can be adapted to many roofing tiles, it's essential to choose a system designed for the specific type of tile on your roof, especially for plain tiles. Consulting with a roofing expert can provide clarity on the best system for your roofing style.

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