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PVC Metal is metal sheets galvanized with laminated non-reinforced PVC. PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride and in layman language, it is known as plastic. So, PVC metal is basically stainless-steel sheets galvanized with a plastic coating. This combination of metal and plastic amplifies the properties of these roofing sheets and makes them robust, corrosion-resistant and self-extinguishable.

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The properties of PVC make the PVC metal corrosion and abrasion resistant with great mechanical resistance and toughness which makes it perfect to be employed in construction especially roofs. Plus, it is easy to install as it can be cut and is malleable due to metallic qualities and can be welded quickly on your roof. Some other qualities are that it helps the sheets synchronize with the roof and so contracts and expands accordingly.

The PVC metal is also weatherproof i.e. it can endure the worst weather without budging. The rainwater or even chemicals in the rain or atmosphere do not react with PVC metal due to the inert qualities of plastic. While the stainless-steel part of the PVC metal makes the roofing sheets robust with high tensile strength. It is also an excellent shock absorber. Moreover, the metal portion of the PVC metal allows the sheet to be malleable and easy to cut out. These amazing qualities make it perfect for roofs in Dublin.

Best PVC Metal Manufacturer/Fabricators in Ireland

PVC Metal

Along with being the roofing contractors, HP Roofing also fabricates roofing products. We take immense pride in being a PVC metal manufacturer in Ireland and have been supplying it using best practices and high quality for a long time. We have many faithful customers including huge brands and corporations like Shelbourne Hotel Dublin, Trinity College, etc.

We believe in providing superior quality products and hence the process of manufacturing PVC metal is deeply scrutinized by our experts who ensure that the best quality elements are used in producing the PVC metal which makes it robust and aesthetic to suit your roof.

 As PVC metal manufacturer in Ireland, we understand that our customers need a one-time cost-effective solution for their roof and so we suggest our PVC metal. It is extremely pocket-friendly and an easy solution for all your roofing solutions.

Along with PVC Metal, HP Roofing also fabricates:

Complete Solution by PVC Metal Manufacturer

Not only fabrication but our installation process of PVC metal sheets are made quite efficient by our professionals with their expertise and diligence. We store these PVC metals on the active site with protective precautions for installation. The next step is to cut them out customized for your roof and then fasten them to the roof using foil tape.

The PVC metal is then welded to the roof using hot-air welding. We have to be careful so as not to place the PVC metal sheets in a way that the membrane side does not come in contact with the coal or asphalt part of the roof. HP Roofing being a PVC metal manufacturer in Ireland is also well-versed with its installation process and our professionals carry out the process gracefully causing minimal discomfort to our customers present on the active site and wrapping up the procedure efficiently and quickly.

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